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Website design, implementation, and upgrades

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Web design, implementation, and site upgrades

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Web site design, implementation, and site upgrades



The most equitable way to price our services is by the hour. We charge $30 per hour of billable time. This way, the cost of your website is determined by you. By your needs and desire to participate in the process. If you are able to choose a domain name on your own, purchase your own hosting, do your own search engine submission, or a combination of the above, you can save money on having the site design implemented. However, we can perform all of these services for you, in essence, making the entire process easy, fast and worry free. Website design, web deployment, web site upgrades

website planning, web design from webmasterwerx Our sincere desire is to see you succeed in your online endeavor. To this end, we will work hard to create the finest, most dynamic website possible for you, in the shortest time period. Our senior designer has worked in the Information Systems field since 1984, and has also been making art in various mediums for 30 years. He brings this wealth of experience to bear on all of the website design projects. With an eye for design, and a mind for technology, we are able to present the best of all possible worlds to you, and create a dynamic, stunning website.  



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Web Masterwerx - Website design, implementation, and upgrades